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Various - Therapy Session 7 Mixed By Panacea (2008)

31 tracks, see track listing HERE


Ya know a lot of people said "blah blah no drum and bass" well that is no fun. Plus I really don't care about reader opinions to be honest. I am here to post music I like and to diversify things. So that I shall do with this terrific mix by the one and only Panacea.

The Therapy Session mixes are really all fantastic but this one is just, ugh, GOOD. I rarely get this excited listening to something over and over but every time I start this I just can't help it. It's just phenomenal, every artist on this mix is. Not to mention how well the tracks were selected and mixed together.

It's just a wonderful mix, I adore this. The fact he is able to mix all this shit together is boggling because it all feels so natural yet some of the stuff he mixes in here just doesn't sound like it would work. But really, it's a rush to listen to.

Usually, I would say just get it but I know a bunch of you are going to shrug this off as what ever you people shrug things off as. Enjoy missing out on it then, I was also soooo enthusiastic about this I decided to upload a flac rip someone was so kind enough to leave laying around the internet.

"Hear that sound? That ringing in your ears? That's the sound of your ear cells dying..."

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