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Various - Professor Tsung's Art Of Science Funktion (1999)

01 Aquasky - Showtime
02 Fellowship - Visions
03 Solid State - Mother Earth
04 Carlito - Professor Tsung's In Trouble
05 E-Z Rollers - Science Funktion
06 Aquasky - Motor City
07 Guardians Of Dalliance - Twice Round VI
08 Solid State - Retribution (In Super 8mm)
09 Guardians Of Dalliance - Turn To Gold
10 Flytronix - Smokeringz


God tier jazz, funk and breakbeat fusion from Moving Shadow. Lots of golden tracks, I mean it's hard to describe it elsewhere other than really damn good. It's awesome to hear this though because of how different the songs are from some of the artists usual forte. They all did a damn good job on making one jazzy fucking album. Nice bass lines, lots of relaxing horns, nice drum breaks and the likes. Get it if you like lounge, jazz, funk or just good music in general k? Yeah, good

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