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Slagsmålsklubben - Sagan Om Konungens Årsinkomst (2004)

01 Terror Flynn Ok Ok 3:48
02 Erd Ist Froh 3:12
03 Smart Drag Mr. Christer 2:25
04 Djur Don't Love MIR Yet 4:12
05 Kom Igen Kommissarien 3:25
06 Bib 5:03
07 Rakade Ögonbryn Ska Det Vara 2:38
08 Grovhuggen Kepsgubbe 4:17
09 Spring För Livet Gottegris 2:40
10 I Hennes Majestäts Hemliga Hatt 3:23
11 Alfons Dolphins 2:52
12 1888 Franklin 3:12
13 His Morning Promenade 3:54


SMK are probably one of my favorite groups of all time, everything they do is just amazing but this album... Well I'll be honest, it's not their best, but I love it. Kom Igen Kommissarien and onwards has to be some of the best music I have ever heard. Infectious, catchy, and just downright pleasing (And a bunch of other complimentary terms). Though yeah Den Svenske Disco and Boss For Leader might be better I still adore this album all the way through but like I said track 5 is where it gets beyond good.

Them Sweds can make some bleep bloops that make you wanna dance.

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