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The Blood of Heroes - The Blood of Heroes (2010)

1. Blinded
2. Chains
3. Salute To The Jugger
4. Breakaway
5. Transcendent
6. Repositioned
7. Remain
8. Wounds Against Wounds
9. Descend Destroy
10. Bound
11. Drift


A year long recording process involving guitar genius Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu), bass superpower Bill Laswell (Material, Praxis, Painkiller), electronic artists Submerged and Enduser, vocalist Dr. Israel, and others has culminated in the self titled debut of The Blood of Heroes. Taking its name from the Rutger Hauer film that followed Bladerunner, the group delivers on all ends from rock to dub to drum n bass to spacious sounds and fills in all corners in between. Industrial Dancehall, Metal Dubstep, Ambient Drum n Bass, the album is the crossover of crossovers – musicians creating where their heart takes them without regard for limitations. Broadrick summons some of the absolute direst guitar dirges alongside the beauty that he now explores with his Jesu project. Enduser's glitch programming strides in territories previously undiscovered, and Submerged's blocky beat sound adds girth to the post-apocalyptic nightmare of The Blood of Heroes. Dr. Israel's vocals carry warlike dancehall vibes and add a narrative sense to the record, placing us firmly in post solar flare society. Live drumming appears on several tracks, provided by Seattle's KJ Sawka (Pendulum) and Budapest's Balazs Pandi (Merzbow, Venetian Snares). Additional sound design and guitars are provided by film sound editor and designer M. Gregor Filip, one of the original founders of Ohm Resistance.

Come on, you know it sounds awesome just from who is part of this, and yes it is good, really good. Just download it, really, download it. Oh and buy it, this album is well worth all the money.

Can someone say best of 2010?

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