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ミドリ - あらためまして、はじめまして、ミドリです。 (2008)

1. スキ
2. ゆきこさん
3. かなしい日々。
4. お猿
5. 根性無しあたし、あほぼけかす
6. ちはるの恋
7. ひみつの2人
8. 5拍子
9. ハウリング地獄
10. 無欲の無力


So I have no idea what the fuck this album is, I remember getting it off of /mu/ months ago and I re-uploaded it today and I thought I should share it here.

Uhm, yeah it's, uhm, good? It's really hard to say if I like it or if I'm just amused by it. It's crazy though, so all you noise rock fans should enjoy it somewhat. Also if I may add, it is really catchy despite being in another language the vocalist has a really catchy way of singing. I like it, but uhm yeah :(

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