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Various Artists - Lifted Music Label Mix by Chris Renegade and Spor (2008)

01 Spor, Evol Intent & Ewun - Levitate
02 The Qemists - Stompbox (Spor Rmx)
03 Ewun - Phonetap
04 Katharsys - The Scraper
05 Ewun & Spor - We Dominate
06 Misha & Dementia - Green Blood
07 Jade - Ready
08 Spor - Breath In, Scream Out
09 Evol Intent, Ewun & Vicious Circle - Odd Number
10 Apex - Hench
11 Spor - Resolute
12 Apex - Same Old Blues
13 Atom & Cell - Pressure (Noisia Rmx)
14 Ewun - Screw Up
15 The Upbeats - Craven Raven
16 Apex - Nowhere To Run
17 Evol Intent - Glock Party
18 Inside Info - Skyhook
19 Apex - In Motion
20 Spor - Knock You Down VIP
21 Break - Submerged (Teebee & Calyx Rmx)
22 Nphect - Muscle Car
23 Noisia & The Upbeats - Mudslide
24 Lifted Crew - Dirge


I'm starting to feel like an old hat when it comes to /mu/ these days, I go there and don't recognize anyone or anything being talked about. Looking back through the years when I used to be there every day I can't say I feel bad about being a stranger now. All I did was shit post and troll just to piss people off. Not very fond memories and I pretty much ignore any of the music I listened to then. Oh well, good then because most mainstream (ie indie) music sucks as do most of the new tripfags.

So here is some really good drum and bass, mixed by Chris Renegade and Spor. For those who don't know of Mr. Renegade, he is the founder of one of the best dnb labels out there today Lifted Music. And Spor is one of my favorite dnb producers/djs who has released quite a few ep's on Lifted (His new one is coming out soon, shit is siiiick) and is pretty damn awesome.

So it's a bunch of stuff showcasing Lifted's sounds/tracks and a bunch of other related artists. Shits good, I could care less if any /mu/tants don't like it. Their music taste sucks anyways (sup 1,000 radiohead plays). Also I think this was unreleased, uhm apparently discogs says it's from a magazine or something.

(Wait, didn't I already upload a Lifted EP here? Ehh yeah I think it was From The Inside Out, Levitate was on that. It actually is the intro to this mix. Beast track)

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