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The Protomen - Act II: The Father of Death (2009)

1. Intermission
2. The Good Doctor
3. Father Of Death
4. The Hounds
5. The State Vs. Thomas Light
6. Give Us The Rope
7. How The World Fell Into Darkness
8. Breaking Out
9. Keep Quiet
10. Light Up The Night
11. The Fall
12. Here Comes The Arm


WHY HAVEN'T I LISTENED TO THIS BEFORE?! I'm never underestimating your recommendations again, /mu/! This album makes to my top 10 from 2009, without doubts!

OK, if you're new to The Protomen, lemme explain a few things. They are an american band that plays rock opera. About Megaman. That's how awesome they are. I mean, I'm not even a huge fan of Megaman, but HOLY FUCK, this CD is amazing. I can't find a good enough description, Act II has completely blown my mind. Musically speaking, think of epic. Epic, in every way possible.

If you think that would sound too nerdy and video-game OST alike, FORGET MEGAMAN AND FORGET ROCK OPERA. Just get this album. Here's proof of great The Protomen is. It's powerful, beautiful, good music and extremely well-produced.

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