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Ed Rush & Optical - Travel The Galaxy (2009)

01 City 17 6:43
02 Temper 6:50
03 Padded Cells 5:14
04 Magical Thinking 6:19
05 Chubrub 7:00
06 Snaggletooth 6:26
07 Move It 6:17
08 G-Force Jesus 6:22
09 The Kindred 6:16
10 Titanium 6:09
11 Space Monkey 6:42
12 Schrander's Dice 5:59


I'ma post one more album because I haven't been all that active this month.

So this is pretty much my current favorite album (aside from Ikonika's new album, but I won't upload that). Ed Rush and Optical are pretty much awesome. You know they are just by the fact the intro samples the City 17 speech from half life 2's intro and turns it into a really well done intro track.

But really it's some sick drum and bass, very dark, spacey, downright sick stuff. I should kick my own ass for waiting this long to really get into them. Again it is my current favorite album and has been playing non stop it seems, so if you like good dnb, get this shit.

(Also the album art is kinda laughable but I kinda like the vibe it gives off, reminds me of old amiga box art for some reason heh)


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