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Mew - No More Stories Are Told Today, I'm Sorry, They Washed Away (2009)

01. New Terrain
02. Introducing Palace Players
03. Beach
04. Repeater Beater
05. Intermezzo 1
06. Silas the Magic Car
07. Cartoons and Macreme Wounds
08. A Dream
09. Hawaii
10. Vaccine
11. Tricks
12. Intermezzo
13. Sometimes Life Isn't Easy
14. Reprise

DOWNLOAD (new link)

Holy shit, I had no idea the new album was that good. I'm not even posting a link of mine, that's how much I want you to listen to this.

A few weeks ago, at #/music/@irc.rizon.net I asked a few /mu/tants for recommendations. I said I wanted something beautiful, pure and heart-warming. They suggested a few albums but I was already familiar with them, or something like that. I actually got one nice recommendation, but I suppose it wasn't that good, since I can't even remember the name of the band right now. Anyway, I left empty-handed.

Today I found out this was the album I looking for. It is truly amazing. One of my faves, btw.

PS.: I hate tagging this as indie rock, when I feel it's much more than that. Anyway, lol @ labels.

PS 2: I also know the name of the album is 9001 times bigger. TL;DR.

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