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Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension (2009)

The first single off the former Strokes singer's upcoming solo album. It's awesome.

The trailer for the lead Stroke's solo debut Phrazes For The Young was soundtracked with widescreen, cinematic synth pop, his first on-camera interview in years boasted quotes about harnessing "the power and seriousness of classical music" while "captur(ing) the catchiness of modern music," and with last night's BBC debut of lead single "11th Dimension," we get to hear how all those phrazes shake out. Casablancas performed this at his Tokyo show last month, it's the one with the "Rebel Rebel"-moved-to-keyboard chord progression, the electronic beats, the instantly memorable chorus. Criss-crossing countermelodies creep into each section, the bridge flips from goofy staccato keys to chunky gated guitars, the vocals are mixed crisply and down the middle. Think of it as a bizzaro Strokes song where each element is arranged for an electronic pop band, flush with ideas without losing its forward thrust. Maybe you could say the countermelody movement is a little classical, but whatever the phraze, "11th Dimension" is classically catchy. -Stereogum
Phrazes For The Young is out 10/19 in the UK, and 10/20 in the US.


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