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SonVer - SonVer (2005)

1. Anonima
2. Last Thursday
3. Big Wheel
4. Transparent Arms
5. Until The Stones Melt
6. Khat Show Host
7. Viaje
8. Procession
9. The Bell Tower

Following on from their self released EP earlier this year, Sonver return with their first full length album. Lending heavily on the material from the original EP, these tracks are sandwiched by some new material which provides an exciting new progression in Sonver's sound. The record still drips with cinematic soundscapes that flow and combine the orchestral with the electronic, including samples and drum beats. But over the longer format there has been more room to experiment with different textures and it is these contrast that come to the fore. Where 'Anonima' is a lush melodic piece that is as warm and comforting as it is disconcerting, 'Last Thursday' crashes onto the scene will all the bowed pomp and splendour of a Bond theme tune. Howling guitar distortion is fed through a multitude of effects and production to lurk as a malevolent under current. There seems to be a fluid theme running through the whole album with the watery sounding guitars of 'Viaje' wobbling through the speakers. This is interrupted by the lo-fi loops of feedback and distortion in 'Procession' which is very much in the experimental mould, ebbing and building over a plucked string mantra with a deftness that the Dr Who sound effects department could only dream of. For all their genre-breaking and cross pollination of sound and vision techniques, Sonver remain immensely listenable. And it is this which is perhaps their greatest accomplishment.

Download - Mediafire


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  • Anonymous Anonymous says so:
    October 11, 2009 at 3:37 PM  

    I fell in love with this band. Great post. Thank you. Please, don't you have by any chance Luz del Abyss in stash somewhere? top