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Davwuh - Dystopia (2008)

01. 1996
02. Mako
03. Beserker
04. Bunker
05. Into Acid
06. Disused Trainyard
07. Opression
08. Mind Control
09. The Beginning Of The End
10. Unforgiven
11. Pig-Pen
12. Blackmarket


Well ain't this a bitch, I spend 30 minutes uploading it to find out the artist gives it out for free... OH WELL, artists description -

"In his debut album ‘Dystopia’, 21 year old producer Davwuh has created a dark soundscape of a future city using expansive electronic sounds. Taking influences from dubstep, idm, electronica and inspired by dystopian fictional settings, Davwuh’s sound belongs to no specific genre, though running themes of darkness, loneliness, confusion and evil run through this album. Though the album was initially intended to be a straight forward collection of dubstep tracks, during production it began to take on a life of its own and look past the traditional dubstep formula into unchartered territories, making it a unique listening experience."

TL;DR this shit is dark and made of win. I also love the 12 Monkeys samples in the first track, such a great way to start an album!!!

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