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Burn In Noise - Passing Clouds (2008)

01. Transparent
02. Ancient Knowledge
03. Last Window
04. Frequency Salad
05. Raca
06. ERT
07. Forces of the Future
08. Ready to Rock
09. Get High


This album is Burn In Noise's second album and it's fantastic! I really don't listen to much psy-trance because most of it sucks, but this now... Idk, it's hard to explain, but it's a very interesting, thought provoking album since it kind of just allows your mind to go out there without being all pretentious and horrid as most psychedelic music is. It seems very long to, as it is, but giving it a good listen is a journey which I highly recommend you take, so grab it and give it a listen. (Even if you hate psy-trance, since I kinda did before I heard this.)

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