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Discuss - Discuss (2006)

01. Intro
02. A Parallax Revisited
03. Makeshift Madison
04. Happiness Follows All of Us
05. Bubbles and Swings
06. As The Dawn of Autumn
07. We've Lost Time
08. Perdido
09. Interlude
10. One for the Kawai
11. I Wish I Were Marsupial


Ok, this album will make you cry happy tears of awesome just due to the fact of how beautiful this album is. I cant say much else, really, it's just beautiful. As soon as the first track kicks in (after the intro) you are just hit with it which is what makes this album so great since it winds up being sad, energetic, slow, happy, relaxing, mellow, and everything else. More quality stuff which everyone should listen to if you ask me.

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