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Vorpal - Digressions (2006)

01. Expatriate 5:07
02. Cartoon Violence For Camille Saint-Saens 2:40
03. Triptych 6:37
04. Epileptic Funk 4:00
05. Surreptitious 3:19
06. Latenight Drunken Email 5:04
07. Postscript 1:27
08. +5 vs. Werewolves 1:50
09. Jessica In The Sky With Diamonds 4:38
10. Rene Eespere's Trivium Lovingly Reimagined 3:28
11. Endless Corridors 4:36
12. The Unbearable Frightfulness Of Being 5:45
13. Dolor 4:50
14. A Fractured Panoramic In Dusky Orange 1:27
15. Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow 4:16


Released on the amazing Sublight lable (rip) Vorpal's Digressions was really a very good album, like most on the lable, forgotten in time. Much like the Gareth Clarke LP which is another favorite it was a very unique album which really should have been more popular than it was.

There were a lot of things I loved about this album, from the overall sound and mood of the album to even the album art (yeah I'm a sucker for fancy art) it really was just nice to listen to filled with nice glitchy idm tunes. It is a real shame that this wasn't as big as some of the other albums on the label (including vsnares and the flashbulb) but oh well, I guess us IDM fans have fun in finding these kinds of albums and just enojying them for what they were despite popularity.

A+++ stuff

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