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Satanicpornocultshop - Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos (2010)

01. New Years' Snow
02. (R.I.P) Tide
03. Saddam Fed Bird While Jailed
04. 2 More Heads_Sprouted!
05. Feed Me W) Ur Kiss
06. Glaneurs
07. Pinky
08. Custom Drum Destroyer
09. Left Handed Darling
10. 9 Headed Monster
11. Paradise
12. Kanariya
13. Nido
14. Next Years' Snow, Reprise
15. Comment Te Dire Adieu?


SPCS are an experimental hip hop group from japan who pretty much uhm, is odd. Cut up samples, nice beats, etc. This is a lot more relaxed than their other albums but I kinda see that as a good thing. May just be the mood I'm in though. This album pretty much had me hooked by track 3, and because of that I've been listening to the whole thing all day.

Idk, it's a great album, I love their singer though. Hearing her sing Missy Elliott's Get Your Freak On is amazing. Definitely an interesting album.

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