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Flash Hawk Parlor Ensemble - Plastic Bag In The Tree

1. Chained to the Pole
2. Texola Waltz
3. Teardrop
4. Can't See the Moon? Cut Down the Tree
5. Amnesiac/Morning Bell
6. Give the Recycle Bin Back Now
7. That's All For Everyone
8. Sleep at Last!
9. Run Rabbit
10. Not Always Your Best Friend
11. I Go to Sleep
12. In Christ There is No East or West
13. Chris Walla: Duet For Moog And Hurdy Gurdy in G Major-ish
14. The System Of Your Choice
15. The Turtle's Voice Rests In Peace Just Outside Of Salem

Someone requested this be here. It's folky and interesting. Sound like twister, fast as hell, I rock this beat you know damn well. The guy from The Decemberists is responsible for this album.

Download - Sharebee [v0]

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