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Sickboy - Musical Therapy (2007)

01. The Return Of The Tigermask 4:00
02. Heyo Rhythm 4:33
03. The Drifter 3:19
04. Quicksand 3:22
05. The Riddler 3:26
06. Meet Me On The Moon 4:34
07. Mood Swinger 2:37
08. Metropole Hysteria 4:31


Sickboy makes some good music, I may upload some of his other stuff as well. Some of you may know hims as half of the Servants Of The Apocalyptic Goat Rave or just as a crazy producer. This is one of my favorite albums not just from him but from most of the current breakcore artists. It's not as crazy as some of the other stuff but it's more catchy and sorta has a classic hardcore sound to it at points.

Idk I like it a lot lol

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