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Karate - Unsolved (2000)

1. Small Fires
2. The Lived-But-Yet-Named
3. Sever
4. The Roots and the Ruins
5. Number Six
6. One Less Blues
7. The Halo of the Strange
8. The Angels Just Have to Show
9. This Day Next Year



So, there was this great share thread at /mu/ (I think it was archived, if I get the link I'll post here) and one of the posts was a link to this album and a >jazz post-rock. I was like "wut, do want."

It was not really what I was expecting. Shit's pretty cool and calm, most songs are just guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Sounds a lot like dad rock (even though the guitars are most of time without distortion) and, I dunno, stuff like Fallen Angel from King Crimson, with less prog.

My fav songs are Sever, One Less Blues and This Day Next Year. Sever is dad rock at its best, imho, shit's so cash. One Less Blues has an epic distorted solo at its end. And This Day Next Year is pure post-rock, the melody repeats and repeats and repeats and it's beautiful.

in b4 dad rock is not a genre

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