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Drowning the Light - The Blood of the Ancients (2009)

1. So far from Home
2. Night of neverending Turmoil
3. Chamber of lost Hope
4. Lunar Reflection in Blood (Vampyres of the Old)
5. The Darkness is the guiding Light
6. Residing in a Kingdom now Lost
7. Servant of an unholy Plague
8. When Dusk breathes its last Breath
9. Victory in Sight

Once you get past the cover, there is actually a really kickass release here. The aussies behind Drowning the Light really know their stuff, and show it off well. Creating a fluid hybrid of black, doom, and incorporating some death metal influences, The Blood of the Ancients is a killer release. Overall, one of the more impressive albums I have listened to.

Limited to 666 copies. (Seriously)

Download - Megaupload [320]

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