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Auto!Automatic! - Another Round Won't Get Us Down (2006)

01. Samurai Showdown at the University of Tampa
02. Destroy Everything?... I Hate That Button'
03. \\\\\\\\\\
04. 4182333461... Dance!
05. E-Break
06. The Party Beat
07. >>>>>>>>>>
08. Jaded Letters from the Desk of T.Minich
09. A!A!! @ A/A, Eh?
10. That's Some Sick Mouth and Knee Coordination
11. //////////
12. Owl Do It Later
13. Immediately Upschteined?... Ish Don't Think So


This is already on like every blog and what not but I'm still posting it because it's a solid album. From Tampa Florida Auto!Automatic! are a small band of talented guys who make beautiful, melodic math rock. I'm sure this album is nothing new, but encase you missed it, give it a listen.

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