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Mostly Other People Do the Killing - Slippery Rock! (2012)

Before I get into the album, let me introduce myself really quick. I’m !!e7ZYZi1k7FE Raskolnikov, and !0MTMwDpCZo hresvelgr found me on /mu/ and I’ve been posting on /mu/ for about 2 or 3 years. I’m a big fan of jazz, post-rock, and lots of /mu/core type of stuff. I’ll post lots of jazz usually but I could come here with any sort of album.

Don’t be fooled by the album cover-the music sounds nothing like it. This is probably the best jazz release of 2012, and my personal favorite. From Hearts Content, the first track, MOPDtK goes into a rock beat with brilliant saxophone riffs and trumpet falsettos. President Polk is another standout, where the instruments go into altissimo ranges while the drummer shifts from style to style. Speaking of the drummer, that’s probably the most interesting thing about this album. It’s worth it alone to listen to this album based on the staggering amount of styles the drummer effortlessly moves through, from funk to jazz to rock. I also feel that this album is a great introduction into more eclectic jazz as it’s somewhat accessible.

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