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Dual Ported - RAM (2013)

The new album by THIS band (If I speak their name the censorbots will come and find the album; same reason for the custom album art) is actually both refreshing and surprising. I think it was a common notion that this album was both highly anticipated in addition to highly guarded against. The fears surrounding this LP were justified; coming off of a movie soundtrack that was uninteresting, and the follow-up to an album that fell flat, this LP was in a position to shine. And it does. Well, sort of. Whether you like this album or not comes down to whether you have a notion of the aesthetic the album goes for. Essentially, it's the soundtrack for an 80s movie, but every one of them. Action, romance, drama, comedy; all of this stuff has a place. That said, if you do not enjoy that aesthetic this album will not be as good for you. Just as a fact. A line in the third song on the album struck me, the speaker says they want a sound of each decade up to the 70/80s and then a sound of the future. That's what this album is, in a nutshell. It's a throwback to the heydays of old, with sounds of the future as well. If that's your bag, this is your album of the year; if not, it's worth a listen.



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