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Pixelord - Puzzles (2011)

This is what I wish electronic music started evolving towards instead of dubstep/brostep. Lush electronic tones, carefully crafted into interesting rhythms that tell a story. Airy and distant vocals set over a gritty cityscape of post-futuristic grime. It's imaginative, playful, creative, and just plain fun to listen to. However, let me warn you, this isn't for listening to with friends, it's too languid and unforward, it doesn't press it's point into you, but rather opens a door and invites you inside. This is a piece you have to explore, not just experience. Frankly, that's a good thing. If there is one thing electronic music desperately needs; it's a little bit of subtlety. Grab it, listen well, and if you like it, buy it. I can't speak for every electronic lover, but I know that I want more. The album starts off with Kiwi Dream, a really damn good intro to a great album, and hits it's stride at track two, Vulvatron, which is fucking amazing. I suppose I could be a little bit more verbose about it, but I really think that sums it up. Three, Oh Lord, builds off the momentum from track two, introducing some of their elements but presenting them in a new light. I'm not sure what to make of track four, it's sub-rhythmic, uncaring, and decidedly downtempo. After these four tracks, the album consists of a pantheon of remixes, some good, some bad, you know how that is. Either way, this is definitely a release to snag.

Download - Megaupload (v0)


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