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Bullion - Young Heartache EP (2009)

1. Young Heartache
2. Are You the One?
3. Time For Us All To Love
4. Long Promised

If you find that Teebs is in your discography at the moment of your reading this, then I highly suggest you repeatedly click download or purchase in a frenzied manner. This is no time to act refined, because Bullion is well worth appearing a little crazy over. Downtempo synth-like bass, perfect samples that neither act as ends unto themselves nor as background noise; Bullion knows what he is doing. If you're into electronic, and good electronic at that, I highly suggest you go to his bandcamp page and start tossing money at him so he makes another album, because when his full-length drops, it's going to be a big deal. Mark my words reader, this guy is going to be known.

Download - Mediafire (v0)

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