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The Residents - Diskomo 2000 EP (2000)

1. Diskomo 2000
2. Diskomo
3. Goosebumps- Disaster
4. Goosebumps-Plants
5. Goosebumps-Farmers
6. Goosebumps-Twinkle
7. Twinkle 2000 Listen
8. Diskomo 1992


Back in the swing of liking The Residents so I thought I should upload these. Though they aren't a great intro to the band, Diskomo 2k and Eskimo are kind of like companion albums so if I upload one I feel like I should upload the other.

Diskomo 2000 is a Residents album with their take on Disco, with most lyrics consisting of old children songs. I can't help but really find this to be strange yet overly catchy. The way they produce music is very strange actually but I think it's the mix of a genre they never play and the odd source of lyrics that make this kinda memorable as far as being an EP goes.


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