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10/10/10 Listen to Filter House Er'ry day (with Crydamoure's Waves!)

01 Buffalo Bunch, The - Music Box 4:01
02 Le Knight Club vs. DJ Sneak - Intergalactik Disko (DJ Sneak's Version) 3:33
03 Raw Man - Lovers 3:14
04 Le Knight Club - Hysteria 4:03
05 Le Knight Club - Coral Twist 2:07
06 Le Knight Club - Gator 2:00
07 Deelat - Wet Indiez 4:53
08 Le Knight Club - Mirage 3:56
09 Le Knight Club - Chérie D'amoure 2:43
10 Eternals, The - Wrath Of Zeus 4:32
11 Sedat - The Turkish Avenger 3:45
12 Play Paul - Spaced Out 2:30
13 Buffalo Bunch, The - T.I.T.T.S. 2:55
14 Raw Man - Number Seven (Le Knight Club Remix) 1:58
15 Le Knight Club vs. DJ Sneak - Intergalactik Disko 3:31
16 Le Knight Club - Troobadoor 2:08
17 Le Knight Club - Santa Claus 3:40
18 Paul Johnson - White Winds 2:59
19 Le Knight Club - Boogie Shell 4:17
20 Le Knight Club - Coco Girlz 2:16
21 Deelat - G.M.F. 4:29
22 Le Knight Club - Holiday On Ice 4:15

Purchase at any fine record store near you!

Oh what happened france? Your house music used to be one of a kind, now look at it. What happened Daft Punk? Your music used to be innovative and well, good. Not the back track for some rap song and the generic soundtrack to a disney movie. What happened to good french house? I guess it went with Daft Punk.

How redundant I am eh? Well even though the 10/10/10 day is of no significance to anything (it's just cool) I am going to devote this day (And week) to listening to nothing but good filter house. So I will share with you this, one of my favorite french house releases filled with nothing but classic filter house tunes. None of that electro hipster garbage because really it has turned a great house scene into pure trash.

Fucking ed banger bullshit with it's shitty music. OH WELL though, here is to me grumbling and pretending it is still 2001 when french house was good. Because it only went downhill form there, bleh, just thinking about it...

So enjoy, relax and enjoy the musical stylings of the Crydamoure label.

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