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SE - Epiphora (2009)

01 komplex_a
02 15mg
03 23R0 and TH3 5T4R5
04 i need a medic
05 null
06 androgenetic bullshit
07 hitchhiker
08 aer-
09 komplex_b
10 no need for voices
11 23R0 & TH3 5T4R5
12 15mg remixed by Quench
13 15mg remixed by DNN & Huron


Coming from the Tympanik Audio label SE's Epiphora album is pretty much another gem from the amazing label. Really interesting and relaxing ambient IDM stuff, so if you are a fan of that then I guess this will be right up your alley, if not ehh, I don't care. Good album, download it, enjoy it. Simple as that :)

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