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NewTone - No Copyrights (2008)

01. Contabele (3:38)
02. The Path Featuring - Iva (4:30)
03. Follow The Point Featuring - Pashtet(3:43)
04. Run!!!! (3:50)
05. Vanilla Sky (3:13)
06. Roadway (2:27)
07. GotCha! (3:54)
08. Marrakech Slam (2:57)
09. Vacuum (4:26)
10. Run!!!! (Club Version) (3:23)


NewTone are a band/group from Russia and well, their music is just out there. Described as "powerful, psycho-kinetic breakbeat, with strained guitar riffs, interlacing of ethnic percussion, hard rhythms, gnawing acid sounds and industrial sound effects" you know it is bound to be quite crazy.

I love it personally, the No Copyrights album pretty much is something that is very mind bending, bad ass, sorta haunting yet upbeat album you can really get into and not be bored to death with that I highly recommend. It's kinda hard to praise this album mostly since there is so much to praise. It's awesome, plain and simple so go dl it!

(this was supposedly a free album but I can't read Russian, but its on their site I guess, idk, just make sure to support them someway)

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