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Andrew W.K. - Gundam Rock (2009)

01. TV Series Opening Narration
02. Gundam On The Earth
03. Fly, Gundam
04. Char The Great
05. Here Comes Char
06. Star Children
07. The Cross Of Sand
08. Eye Catch
09. Soldiers Of Sorrow
10. Peace For A Moment
11. Alone In The Wind
12 Beginning
13. Fear To Fight
14. Encounter
15. Amuro Forever
16. Garba Zabi's Funeral Speech By Ghren Zabi


Less party, more Gundams aka this is an awesome album which I need to buy asap.There are one or two iffy tracks on here which people may not like, but idk, I loved the whole thing mostly due to being a huge Gundamfag back in the day. So if you're a fan of AWK or the thought of old Gundam music being re-done than check this out for it being made of win and awesome.

ps. Zeon will rise again!


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