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Dusty Kid - A Raver's Diary (2009)

01. Here Comes The Techno 7:07
02. The Underground Persistance 4:15
03. Lynchesque 6:01
04. Klin 4:45
05. Cowboys 9:51
06. Moto Perpetuo 6:08
07. The Fugue 9:18
08. Pluk 4:24
09. America 17:25
10. Agaphes 4:03
11. Nemur (Walls Of Guitars) 4:46


Hands down one of my favorite albums of the year. America is really an amazingly beautiful song to boot (17 minutes of pure bliss), the two songs that follow it are really amazing to. It really does a good job of mixing a strong dance album and an album you can sit down and appreciate. Idk, it's hard for me to describe this album but who cares, I shouldn't have to convince anyone to listen to this, even if you don't like techno at least listen to America, it's really fucking good. (May even appeal to the post-rock fags)

A++ stuff

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